Design registration can be an important part in an IP strategy for protecting technical innovation.  Although often thought of simply in terms of design protection, a registration can also act as an addition or alternative to patent protection.  While design registration protects the appearance of a product, rather than how it works or how it is made, a registered design may still provide significant protection in situations where patent protection is unavailable or not justified.

Registered designs are a powerful tool for protection against unauthorized copying and are a valuable IP asset in a company’s IP portfolio. We recognize the importance of registered designs and work closely with our clients to evaluate the key features of their designs and optimize the scope of design protection to maximize a design monopoly.

Once you have filed your designs, make sure you are ready to defend them against competitors if the need arises. While a trademark is permanent, designs are not. Depending on the country, your design may serve you up to a period of 25 years. Let us help you get the most out of your IP portfolio by protecting your design applications wherever you want us to.

WWIPPS has considerable experience prosecuting and defending claims of design infringement. We can devise litigation strategies based on our sound technical knowledge and practice in designs law to help you achieve your commercial objective. Our litigation team also has considerable experience in alternative dispute resolution practices, and can represent design owners in mediations and arbitrations. These alternatives can resolve infringement disputes more quickly and cost effectively.