It is vital to monitor the maintenance and renewal deadlines that apply to trade mark registrations to protect the trade mark rights. Each jurisdiction in which we operate has its own unique renewal and maintenance schedule.

The trade mark renewal process is a long term and on going process and by outsourcing the management of your trade mark renewals to WWIPPS you can be assured that your trade mark is protected throughout its lifetime.

Once client portfolio details are entered into our system, we can provide a wide range of budget forecasts and detailed analysis which are tailored to meet your own requirements. We customize our service for you so that you do not need to repackage data and invest your organization’s time developing this foundation-level knowledge.

Our analytical and requirements forecasts work hand in hand with our centralized knowledge of global maintenance requirements. We prepare all required supporting documentation so that your organization is assured that its identity, brands and marks are effectively managed with a high-level of dedication and respect.

We will always advise you of upcoming renewals and the applicable renewal fee, renewals which have been completed and future renewals. We action renewals on a case by case basis or to suit the needs of your business for large portfolio’s on a quarterly, half yearly or annual basis.

Our global trademark renewal and maintenance services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Computer generated renewal reminders/notifications
  2. Preparation of required renewal documentation
  3. Preparation and advice, when necessary, of use requirements
  4. Preparation and filing of renewal applications
  5. Prosecution of renewal applications to issuance of renewal certificates
  6. Computer generated maintenance reminders for Proof of Use, Affidavit of Use, Declaration of Intent to Use, Tax Payments, Cautionary Notices, etc.
  7. Preparation and filing of required maintenance actions
  8. Prosecution of maintenance actions to issuance of maintenance certificates