If a change in ownership or in the name of a company occurs, and its recordation in the registers of the Patent Offices for any Intellectual Property right should be undertaken, the task is complex and requires knowhow of local requirements.

IP rights are assets and as such subject to being sold or bought. If a change in ownership has not been promptly recorded a misconception might arise as to the identity of the actual owner which might lead to a possible loss of rights. The same if a change is not recorded at all: The new owner may not be able to defend his application, prosecute copyright infringements, file oppositions, conduct renewals or annuity payments or file new IP rights.

WWIPPS has developed a dependable and efficient processes to undertake patent recordals for change in ownership, change of name and/or address, entry of license agreements, availability of license, mortgages. This service is even more streamlined if you have already outsourced other administration service to us.