An effective patent strategy takes into account how new patent applications are drafted, where patent applications are filed and how patent applications are prosecuted to achieve granted patent rights. The objective is to secure the grant of patent rights that will be an important asset for your business and give you an advantage over your competitors.

Drafting a new patent application requires a detailed technical understanding of an invention and how it relates to what has been done before. At WWIPPS we pride ourselves on our highly qualified practitioners covering all technology areas. We are able to allocate resources most relevant to our clients’ inventions.

Devising a patent filing program involves commercial and practical considerations. Our practitioners are pragmatic and ask the right questions in order to understand our clients’ needs and expectations. We have extensive experience with patent filings all over the world and are well equipped to lay the foundation for a client’s patent portfolio.

Individually, and collectively, our practitioners have extensive experience representing clients before worldwide patent offices. With this experience we apply a tenacious and creative approach to patent prosecution.  These skills mean we are well placed to achieve desired outcomes for our clients.

We can help you with drafting of new patent applications , the prosecution of patent applications and the formulation of IP strategies for patent filings worldwide.